Friday 6 July 2012

Basting The Beast (with help from Bodger Brian)

We don't call husband Bodger Brian for nothing . . .

This is part of my work/sewing bench.  It is wider than this, but here you can see the depth, and the sewing machine is about the size of the small quilt you can see, which doesn't leave much space for the stitched fabric.

And The Beast (AKA The A to Z project) needs space - it's huge, heavy and not too flexible.
PLAN A -I decided I would like a Sew Ezi table - too long to wait .
PLAN B - I set up my ironing board in front of the bench - too much wobble
PLAN C - Brian found two unused folding stools from a  previous kitchen which included a breakfast bar, and a plank of wood which will become cupboard doors in a future kitchen . . .

And now I have my own sewing table extension :-)

(As this saved nearly two hundred pounds, I can spend that money on something else, right?)

Which is very handy when sewing something as big as the Beast

(OK, not strictly basting, but I'm using my QAYG method which does away with proper basting, and I liked the alteration :-)


  1. Very clever husband! Now you have extra money to purchase more fabric. it's a win-win for you Benta!

  2. What a solution, well done. Reduce, re-use, recycle, repurpose in full action.

  3. Good for your hubby. Mine is very supportive too : )

  4. Oh Benta, how can he cope with that name - you sound like a very ungrateful woman! 'Brilliant Brian", is a much better name for such a clever thinker.

  5. Hi Benta! Looks great! You see, we have to be creative in so many ways! I think that will be very practical and also looks like your sewing machine is now lower, which is good, too. I want so much to fix all my little sewing attic, but have to wait autumn. x Teje

  6. Oh yeah, that's totally a £200 fabric shop right there...

  7. Well done Brian, well done Benta on getting him to do it, now what to spend the money on ??? LOL!! If you need any help I'm sure I could come up with a plan!!


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