Tuesday 3 July 2012

Purple Patchwork

Today I have cut all the purple fabrics that were bought for Carol's sister's quilt.  No particular planning went into the cutting, but I have cut 5" squares to make pin wheels (that will come up as 6.5 inch blocks) and I have cut  2.5 inch strips to make 9 patch blocks at 6.5 inches.  I have also cut some 6.5 inch squares, and the rest is cut into assorted, random narrow strips that will also make 6.5 inch blocks.

Then I will assemble them all into larger 9 patch blocks (generally using the plain squares as the + centres) and then cut the whole lot up again into vanishing 9 patch blocks - and hopefully there will be a good number to make a quilt!

I dont usually link up to other blogger's blogs, but Lynne at Lily's Quilts has posted more details about the Siblings Together Charity, and the quilts being made for them - you can read all about them [here], so I thought I would re show the two that I made and sent off to them.

I really love how these came out, and hope they keep two siblings warm and cosy and help create fantastic memories for them to look back on

If you want to help, you could make a quilt, donate fabric, or hand over some cold hard cash!


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