Sunday 1 July 2012

Sunday Satisfaction

Thanks for all the suggestions on what to do with the Norwegian Red blocks: I finally decided I would go with the staggered blocks: It bugged me that the bricks would have a seam down the centre, and I figured I could make bricks the convenctional way (see below for the plan)

So Norwegian Red is now pieced and quilted, and I have machine stitched the binding to the front.  I'm taking it to Norway at the end of the month, and will have plenty of time to hand stitch the back of the binding or the plane, the ferries, and in the car.   It is going to be for my cousin Kire's 50th birthday.  She lives in Kenya, so I dont know that she'll need it much though!  If you have a few minuts, do visit her blog - she is a hugely successful conservation and wildlife filmmaker, and has her work shown on the National Geographic chanel!.  I'm really excited to be seeing her again: we used to meet on holiday as kids, but hardly at all as adults.  She is also beautiful - seriously beautiful - and easily passes for 30, and I struggle with the knowledge that we share a set of grandparents, but she was luckier on the gene handout that I was!

Sorry, didn't mean to wonder off like that.

Also for my trip, I have a stash of picture fabric scraps that I have managed to rescure 4x8 inch blocks, so I will be taking them together with 1 inch strips to hand make a brick quilt

(still no spell check, grrrr!)


  1. Congrats on the (mostly) finish. You'll find she might need it in 'mid winter' there, when I lived in South Africa I would swan in in linen trousers and short sleeved tops while my colleagues came in in hats, scarves and gloves lol Plus they don't have heating when the temps drop at night.

  2. It looks splendid! I'm sure that it will be appreciated.

  3. It looks lovely!! I still like a quilt over my lap in the evenings even if I have shorts on. (Fat chance in this weather though!!)

  4. Great quilt - you can always get her to pop it over her (beautiful) head when you are with her!

  5. Good morning Benta! Your quilt is beautiful and so lovely present for your cousin! x Teje

  6. Well done on another beautiful production!!


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