Tuesday 10 July 2012

Wet in Windsor

The Olympic Flame came to Windsor, and started at the top of the school's road, so I wondered out to see it, about 5 minutes before it was due to set off.

A minute later it went past, but before I was really aware of what was happening.  Two minutes later the heavens opened - I just made it back to school without getting drenches, I felt so sorry for those who were further along the route!

I was there, I did see the flame, and  I did take photos, but managed to miss the flame!

I came home and spent the evening sorting the hanging system for the A to Z project, with lots of help from husband.  It had been stapled to a wooden pole, and hooks screwed into the top of the pole.
Fed up with it now, off to bed, night night!


  1. Well done on sussing out the hanging, sleep tight!

  2. Hi Benta! Sorry to hear about the bad weather but so happy you saw the flame! When the Olympics were in Greece, the flame passed our restaurant in Chania and I felt very touched! Good night! x Teje

  3. Great you got to see the flame and didnt get wet!! Well done on taming the beast.


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