Tuesday 31 July 2012

Sewing . . . and shopping

I managed to get a fair amount of hand sewing done while we were in Norway, so this hexie project is now pieced and ready to be basted and quilted.  I think I will probably trim the tip of the top and bottom hexies, and I don't fancy binding something as wiggly as this!

I didn't buy much fabric as prices in Norway are generally really high, but there were a few pieces that were either good value, or essential! As one of the nieces came and picked ,e up and took me to the fabric shop it would have been rude not to have shown my appreciation by buying something1

And some more somethings

And just a few more
 And then these too

In the touristy shops I picked up a few Christmas decorations

And in the supermarket - a few (!) bars of chocolate - and yes mum, I got you some cheese!


  1. You did some good shopping, Benta! Your hexies look great too.

  2. So you didn't pick much up then... ;o)

  3. Resistance was obviously futile. lol.

  4. Hexies looking great! Well done on your good manners, I knew you were a properly brought up young lady LOL!

  5. Good shopping, I love the fabric with the script design.

  6. Just a little bit of shopping, yeah ;-)
    Everything looks great, but seeing the christmas stuff was a bit disturbing since summer is just staring to feel how it's supposed to.

  7. You're home! Hope your trip was fab in many ways, not just retail therapy (although you've bought some lovely stuff!). Good work on the hexies. If you didn't want to bind you could always do a facing, or applique it onto a plain fabric to keep the shapes of the hexies prominent?

  8. Sadly more fabric than chocolate.

  9. Glad to hear to didn't offend your niece by refusing to buy fabric lol! I think the text print is especially lovely :)


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