Monday 2 July 2012

Rainbow Recap

 I *should* have been embroidering the last few name sashes for the A to Z project (but I've had to order more white thread), and I *could* have been working on a UFO (heaven knows there are enough of them) but instead I decided to start on the Rainbow Hexagon (because it would be rude not to as Janine sent me the books!)

The original post about the hexagon was [here] and I have read the books (in a skimming sort of way) and printed out the template, but the pieces were far too small for what I pictured, so I used the template to calculate my own larger scale pieces.

I have done the first round, but I'm going to show my workings here so I have some chance of managing to remember (and improve on) what I did when I come back to this.
I started with six 60 degree triangles which I joined into a hexagon

From the book I decided that the new stitched line (the lomg side of the new yellow triangle) needed to be twice the length of the existing edge of the same colour.  I used a Frixon pen to mark the area, but that become pointless when I then ironed the fabric after stitching the first line!

As these second round of fabrics overlap each other I could only stitch part of the yellow (the first colour in round 2) long seam, as the green would need to tuck under it at the end.

I had planned to use the foundation piecing method, stitching from the back, but decided to work from the front instead as that seemed easier.  I made myself a plastic template for the rough shape of each triange, cut it out then stitched it on.

Because the pieces weren't cut accurately there was some overlap,


so I trimmed back the excess before pressing the new piece into place
When I had gone round and added all six triangles, I could return to the unstitchded yellow seam and lay it over the green to stitch it down

So far this is the result.  I love that it's bright and chunky, but I dont love the second blue which is almost black, and the second purple which looks more like blue in the photo

It's also quite big - each side is 15 inches, and some of my remaining rainbow fabrics are not big enough for the next round of triangles.

I think I need to re-think this idea.

My other hexagons: my basting-while-I'm-waiting-in-the-car-or-on-a-train hexies are looking good but there are two sizes of  print, and in the larger print the three backgrounds (blue, yellow and pink) are not very distinctive.  I could stitch them as flowers and ignore the different print sizes or I could use the larger print to seperate flowers in the small print

Or I could just join them randomly and not bother with flowers at all.  Husband prefers option C, but I do feel that if I'm going to make a traditional hexi quilt top, I should maybe stick with traditional layout too

Wish I could make decisions at the moment!  I need to chose reasonably soon, as I've run out of templates

(And my spell check is still on strike, so apologies for any errors)


  1. Err, you totally lost me on the description, but it looks fab!

  2. Well done on getting your head round that! I like option 2 best x

  3. Could you make the next round with pieced fabric in the colour you want!? ie lots of yellow scraps joined and then cut to the right shape?

    I like 2 best then 1! Sorry Benta's husband!

  4. wow! glad its you sorting out that rainbow and not me!! Looks wonderful though xx

  5. When can we expect the release of your book on your method of piecing the coloured hexagon :-) I like the hexagons pieced as flowers!

  6. I love the way your rainbow is going and you little hexies look great. Option 2 is my favourite!


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