Saturday 14 July 2012

An Unveiling and an Unshackling

We had a great assembly yesterday, with the head giving a fantastic talk about all the talents that are evident in the school (the previous night had been the school production, so he started with singing, dancing and acting, leading into drawing and sewing)

And then he unveiled the Wall Hanging

 There is a clear shower curtain in front of it to keep it clean, but it muted the colours in the photos more than I expected.  I will get a better photo on Monday.

This is me, and Claire, the mum who helped lead the classes, and who has arranged the parish tour for the quilt - two churches will show it for a week each, as will the crafts centre, the museum and the library, and the Moat House - at Windsor Castle!!!!!!!!!

So, released (unshackled) from the pressure of the Wall Hanging, I have today managed to finish the Purple Present.  Well to be fair, it's only *almost* finished - I still have to hand stitch the binding, but that's just an hour in front of the TV so that doesn't really count!


  1. Woohoo, the final reveal looks fab, well done to all involved. Hope you've got the purple pressie done now (and if now, get to it ;o) )

  2. Hurray - it looks fab, even in its plastic coat!

  3. How fantastic! Well done you all!!!

  4. Hi Benta! It is fantastic and how great that it makes tour so that many people can see it!
    Your purple quilt is beautiful! Only one hour for hand binding? I sew my bindings by machine...
    Your hexagon block is exiting! x Teje

  5. well done to all involed it looks wonderful...and going on tour!! wow! rock star status as well xx

  6. Friends in high places? Cor! Quilt looks great - hope you and the other participents are proud of your work!
    Well done, and well done for making progress on the purple present.

  7. Well done you and the beast look fab in the photo! Purple quilt is lovely, great progress being made.

  8. Hi Benta, How wonderful to make such a piece and see it seen by so many. Well done - you look like the cat who got the cream - and why not!


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