Thursday 12 July 2012

UnSewing = UnFun

The Beast has gone to school for its grand unveiling tomorrow, and I need more purple to continue with the Purple Present, so I have returned to the rainbow Hexagon

We last saw it like this

But I wasn't happy with the blue or purple second rounds, and didn't have big enough pieces of fabric for the third round.  Nicky suggested piecing the second and third rounds . . .  thank you Nicky, great idea, but the downside was the hour spent 'unsewing' this evening.  But it's all done

so now I'm ready for the new second rounds . . . just as soon as I finish piecing them


  1. Not sure I could have born un-sewing all that, well done you!

  2. Oh now I feel bad : ( Hope it works out OK!

  3. Poor you! Unsewing takes so long but now you change those colours and end up with a quilt you love. Good luck with the next rounds :)

  4. I say again... rather you than me xx good luck x

  5. Think of how happy you will be with the finished result.


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