Monday 6 August 2012

Dorset Button Link

Hello, I am still here, just catching up with other stuff rather than making or blogging!

Several of you left lovely comments regarding the Dorset Buttons.  I did start to take photos as I made some more, but then I found this page with the most amazing photos and step by step instructions, and decided not to reinvent the wheel!

So - if you fancy making a Dorset Button, go and visit Craft Stylish, where the very clever Diane shows in very clear detail how to make one


  1. Oh yes, these were fab - thanks for the link x

  2. Hi Benta, welcome back! (I don't know how I missed your last posts). What a wonderful shopping and I just love your photos from the lake (I guess it's lake)! Fantastic that your met family there and lots of cousins! x Teje

  3. Thanks for link to brilliant tutorial as u said no need to reinvent the wheel when u could be doing other fun stuff!


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