Thursday 16 August 2012

Splurging on Slough Centre

I live quite close to Slough town, thank you, I feel your sympathy.

I think it was Chris Tarrent who said that "Happiness was Slough in the rear view mirror" and he may have been right, at least as far as a lack of patchwork shops is concerned.

However, a major revamp of Slough town centre is on the cards . . .

It made the front page of the local papers . . .

What do you reckon they'll spend the money on?  A new rubbish bin?  Six month's tax for the Mayor's car?  An artist to paint what it could be like if they were to spend a bit more money?

NOW I hope your sympathy is more sincere, I bet your town council spend more on your town centres!


  1. I hope they don't spend it all at once!!

  2. They know how to splash the cash in Slough! Hope they spend it carefully

  3. Och, you'd get at least 2 bins out of that. Maybe a couple of street lamp bulbs (although it might be better in the dark ;o) )

  4. Lol! Yes I looked it up - two household bins but you couldn't stretch to a yellow 500 litre one!

  5. Hilarious! Perhaps Slough is so lovely already that it doesn't need much money spending on it....(although I haven't visited for some time and I recall it as a very ordinary sort of shopping centre, rather than somewhere that particularly invited a shower of bombs as Betjeman suggested).

  6. I don't think they've spent as much as 50 quid on Northwich town centre, in fact, I think they are paying people to leave, looking the amount of empty shops!

  7. Maybe the could buy some fabric to make bunting to cheer the place up !!


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