Thursday 23 August 2012

African Bee Block

The Bee Block for the Out Of Africa Bee for July is slightly late, but I needed to get some extra supplies.  May wanted a scrap book style in pastel colours.

I never really got the hang of scrap booking, but I eventually got obsessed with the block, and had a fab time shopping for it.

I started with a plain raw edge Union Flag

I bought charms, and I made shrinkies from London themed stamps

I used wooden buttons to represent the family pets (hedgehog, budgie and cats, I couldn't fond a lizard)

 I added an assortment of buttons, and a chain

And I added a final shrinkie of my church

It's a little bit scrapbook, a little bit steam punk, a whole lot of bling, and great fun to make

I hope May likes it!


  1. Hmm, I think scrapbook style would have stumped me too!

  2. Well done lots of bling fantastic!!

  3. This is looking fab! I thought I'd said that already - maybe I did on flickr :)


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