Saturday 11 August 2012

Fantastic Friends

Have I mentioned before how lovely other crafty people are?  I'm sure I have, and I'm sure you  all know it already, but I want to share a lovely surprise that arrived just now via my postie

Annabelle and I have been following each others blogs for a very long time, almost since the beginning for me.  Although she lives quite locally and we occasionally shop at the same fabric shops and attend the same Quilt Shows, we have never arranged to meet up, but I still count her as a friend.

Annabelle sews, and cooks and has even inspired me to cook and to make bread (no mean feat!).  She also visits shows and exhibitions that I can't get to, and takes such great photos I feel that I have been too.

However, Annabell, I have discovered, is amazingly generous too.  She recently asked for my address, and I happily passed it on and then promptly forgot all about it (menopausal memory!) so I was surprised when postie knocked on the door just now with a delivery for me.

The two things that get consumed quickest in the house are chocolate and cups of tea - and mind-reader Annabelle sent me this fab plaque, and a tea cosie that fits my favourite teapot perfectly

Annabelle, thank you so much - both perfect for this house!!!!!!


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