Tuesday 28 August 2012

Ribbons and stuff

Couldn't resist these fab ribbons, just need to find a use for them: I seem to be better at buying them than actually using them :-)

I got stencil brushes to go with crayons I got at Festival of Quilts, and some great cookie cutters
I really need to cut down on my shopping - back to work next week so my shopping time will be seriously reduced :-(

For all who know uncle Isaac, his visit was boring, and it's now over for us, and life has returned to normal x X
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  1. Am glad it's back to normal! Love the ribbons and well done on finding the brushes.

  2. Oh admit it, you just got drawn to the pretty and shiny ;o)

  3. Nice ribbon...and stuff! Glad to hear Isaac was all bluster and no substance!

  4. Nice buying! Are the cutters for actual cookies or for cookie cutter applique? either would be lovely, I'm sure!


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