Friday 10 August 2012

Quilty Question (part II)

Well I had a go at the shrinkies, and they have come out OK

As predicted, they have shrunk, but fairly evenly (apart from some of the letter boxes which seem taller and thinner than their friends).

I remembered to punch holes before I baked them, so I can stitch some on, and maybe stamp others on.

I had read about transfer printing by printing onto the shiny side of freezer paper.  The print came out of the printer OK, and obviously wet, ready to be pressed onto the fabric, but all I got was a smudge :-(  I quite accept it was my fault, but I think maybe not a process that works for me.

I am going to look for some ribbons and some lace, and maybe some chains and buttons at the Quilt show next week and see what happens.

The following month is animal themed, and I cant decide - the hedgehog? the lizard? the cats? the budgie?  I'm tempted to make lots of blocks!!!


  1. This all looks very creative Benta - looking forward to seeing the final creation.

  2. That'll make for a very interesting quilt. I've seen shrinkies and wondered how they shrank. Enjoy FoQ next week.

  3. Oh good, I'm so glad the shrink plastic actually shrank ;o) Looking forward to seeing the end result :o)

  4. Oh I have some shrinky stuff to try - I'm thinking school bag tags!
    Never heard about the freezer paper printing - think I might give it a miss!

  5. These shrinkies have come out well!

    I don't think I'll try the freezer paper printing though - I can imagine ending up with ink everywhere! I read somewhere about ironing fabric onto freezer paper, then (when it's dry) putting baking parchment over it and ironing it (to set the ink?) then peeling off the freezer paper. I don't know if that would work better. I was very pleased with the tap sheets but they did make the fabric very stiff and I'd love to find a cheaper way.


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