Sunday 12 August 2012

Baggy Blog

There was a 'recipe' for a fairly basic bag in a quilt magazine a few months ago, and I made a few for friend's birthdays (but forgot to take photos).

It occurred to me that with just a little more thought the bag could be reversible.  And that instead of tying the straps to adjust the length, I could use D rings.  And that I could add two pockets, one inside and one outside.  And that I could make it bigger.

Well by this time I'd put the original pattern piece and instructions in a *very* safe place (along with post postcard themed rubber stamps, and some half made turquoise trousers that I also cant find) so I proceeded without the help of instructions or pattern . . .

And I'm really chuffed with the result -a big boxy, very comfy bag that should hold all my shopping from Festival of Quilts!

(Did I tell you I was going to Festival of Quilts? Via Jackie's?  One more sleep until I go, yippee!)


  1. What a wonderful bag! Happy shopping!

  2. Great bag!! but you don't really think it's big enough for your FoQ shopping do you????

  3. Hi Benta,
    your bag ist just perfect for the festival of quilts, have fun!!!!
    Liebe Grüße

  4. Have fun at FOQ with the new bag!


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