Wednesday 8 August 2012

The Philosophy Takeaway

My Oldest daughter, Lisa, is part of a group at Greenwich University who are passionate about Philosophy.  Many of them study, or have studied Philosophy, and they run a "Come And Chat" stall at Greenwich market, and issue newsletter and essays which are also posted on their Philosopy Takeaway blog

Good mum that I am try to be, I follow the blog, and always read and [like] the posts, even though some are way too deep for me.

However yesterday's post really spoke to me, and I have converted some of it to Wall Art posters - see what you think, or better still go and visit the blog and read the whole thing :-)


  1. Oh my God Benta - philosophy - I think therefore I am!

  2. I read that as 'Let your only addiction be life, and even then know you will QUILT'!
    Wise words!

  3. Oh my, that was deep for 10pm!

  4. Ha ha! I mis-read the same as flying blind! 'Let your only addiction be life, and even then know you will QUILT'!! More seriously, I love the idea of Lisa's stall. I'll stop by her blog :)

  5. I did have a look at the blog but have to say your posters were a lot better for my brain this morning - even though I also read quit as quilt!!


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