Sunday 19 August 2012

Intermittent Activity

During the summer, when I get six weeks off work, you'd think I would have plenty of time to sew and to blog, well this year I have failed on both.  I've been spending lots of time catching up with family and friends instead which is not always appropriate for a patchworking themed blog!

Wifi connections and sewing are both likely to be thin on the ground for the next few weeks, but in the last few days I did managed a few bits of making, and a bit of shopping that will (eventually) lead to making . . .

This is part of the queue that was heading for the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham, from the doors opening the queue took about  15 minutes to pass us (drinking coffee rather than queueing!) and then we sauntered in

I bought some fabric (pics to follow soon) and I bought some fab bits of bling, and spent today making bracelets.

I bought a sewing themed bracelet a while ago from eBay, but the catch wasn't fab, so I transferred the charms onto the new bracelet, and added a few new ones for me

And made another for a friend whose birthday is soon

I also received a fab pressie from Jackie - she made me this cutting board bag which will make transporting stuff to classes (ie tomorrow) much easier - thank you, Bestie, Love you


  1. Your bracelets are wonderful! Hope you're having a good time :)

  2. Nice to be able to relax with family and friends ; )

  3. Glad your bracelet turned out so well, hope bag gives many years of good service

  4. Looks like a great day, and I'm laughing at you watching the queue saunter past. I'm always in at the front so that I can escape before the little old ladies start battering too hard with their walking sticks ;o)


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