Sunday 9 June 2013

Bucks Open Studios

On Saturday afternoon I spent a lovely few hours in the company of one of the teaching assistants at school: her studio and garden are part of the Bucks Open Studio tour this year, showcasing her work and that of 7 others.  

I took photos of Lynn's work as she said I could, but I shall have to describe some of the others as best I can!

A clay house in the garden

And inside one of the rooms

Huge scale knitting on a garden wall

Castles in the air, with lush melted blue glass poured in to create that very tactile floor

And patchwork clay towers

It was a beautiful weather and a great setting.  Some pieces were hidden in a wild garden with a mowed footpath to them
(This was a piece made from crushed cans of beer.  Others were from found rusty things, tea bags (!) and fast food cups)

There were some other great clay pieces, and one lady had done crochet pieces, circular, about 14" diameter, and attached them to car types, over the hole !

The Open Studio event is on for the next two weekends, if you get a chance go and visit, Lynn's is number 299 in the book, so plenty of locations to choose from!


  1. Looks like such a fun place to visit!

  2. I won't show the last pic to my husband, else he'll get ideas/excuses!

  3. Those clay pieces are amazing! Your school has very talented staff!

  4. What fun Benta! I love the knitting on the wall. There is a similar event here for the whole of June but we certainly don't reach the giddy heights of 299 exhibitors :)


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