Monday 24 June 2013

What a Weekend

II hope you had a good weekend, I had a great one!  Fab, but very busy!

It started Friday afternoon, my regular monthly class at Chertsey Museum usually pulls in 6 or 7 ladies - I don't know what was different, but 13 (THIRTEEN!!!) ladies rocked up to learn English Paper Piecing!!!
Then on Friday night Jackie arrived at Heathrow, bringing awesome goodies: super scrummy Liberty fabrics,

and a beautiful sewing basket 
 amongst other bits and pieces.

On Saturday mum joined us and we went to the school summer fete armed with embroidery machine and 30 flannels.

By the end of the fete we'd sold 33 flannels with names on, 

Well, 32 named, and you may have spotted one drama class logo 

And then on Sunday the three of us, and another friend, Jane, went to the quilt festival at Sandown - and that will be the subject of the next post!!!!


  1. And what fun we had this weekend!

  2. Busy girls! I rather hope people are 'spotting' the drama flannel rather than anything else.....! ;-)

  3. 13 EPP converts Benta, you are certainly doing your bit for craft in Chertsey :)

  4. And I enjoyed it too - a lovely weekend all together. xxx


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