Wednesday 26 June 2013

Sandown Sunday (and Shopping)

I did shop just a bit at Sandown.

Well ok, a bit more than a little bit, but nearly all for specific projects, hardly any for stash, so I think that makes it all ok

This binding so I can finish this Retro Rainbow

This woven tape measures for stash, and heavy weight cats for bags for my girls

Solid Charms for stash, and Snap Pop charms to add to the rainbow charms in the recent swap

These two linens . . . 

. . . To go with these linens that I've been collecting over the last few years, but don't really have enough of.

I did also buy this linen to add to the reds, but it's the wrong red :-( 

Thanks to brain storming with Jackie over the weekend I know what I'm going to do with these.  It does involve half snowball blocks, so I don't want anyone mentioning that snowball corners are related to HSTs.  

However, I have a (horrible) circular table cloth to finish hemming for one customer, and embroidered tabards and calico bags for another two, so not sure when I'll get to play with the new fabrics!  


  1. WEL.. as long as ALL purchaces were for a specific project... thats OK!

  2. Like the linens, and of course purchases for projects are absolute necessities :)

  3. You are a credit to fabric shoppers everywhere!

  4. I love your linens. I think blogland is the one place you don't need excuses to fabric shop - except in fabric shops!

  5. Love the shopping, and love linen fabric. It's never too much.


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