Sunday 2 June 2013

Mystery Make

Let me know when you guess what this bag is for:

1 I cut a piece about 5 inches by 60 from my random sized piece of fabric.  I cut the rest into four pieces about 12 x 16", then cut about 3.5 x 1.5 off two corners on each to create 'shoulders'. (significant detail) 

I stitched two of the four pieces together (rst) around the sides and the bottom, leaving a 4 inch opening in one side.

I stitched the other two pieces together but with a piece of plastic in between at the bottom half (the sort of plastic that clear shower curtains are sometimes made of) (another significant detail) 

2 I stitched the really long piece into a bag strap
(fold length ways, fold edges into fold, fold in half, top stitch - if you want to know in more detail or anything else I'm vague about, just ask in the comments section)

3 I then repeated the first two and forth stages with two of the bits that were taken off to create the shoulders

4 I used the triangles gusset method to give the bag a flat bottom

5 I turned one bag the right way round and put it inside the other

6 I pinned the two together with the straps and the short almost straps in between the two layers

Here is a bit of strap peeping out

7 I then stitched all round the top of the two bags joining them together, and snipped the acute corners, and trimmed the obtuse corners (I think that's what they are called)

8 I then turned the whole thing through the gap, and top stitched along the top edge.

9 Then I added Velcro to either side of the very top of the bag (another significant detail)

Any idea yet?

10 I then filled it with my 'bag for life' shopping bags,

and next I'll clip my trolley coin thingy to the D ring, and put my shopping list in the clear pocket, and Velcro the whole thing to the shopping trolley with my keys and my purse safely inside


  1. Cunning plan! And rather neater than my 'fling them in the boot' approach ;o)

  2. Very clever! Almost makes me want to go back to real world shopping. lol

  3. Very smart Benta, looks like you have thought of everything there!

  4. Excellent idea and design! Thanks for sharing! It looks great!


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