Thursday 20 June 2013

Random Thursdsy

I don't usually take part in random Thursday, as Katy over at Littlest Thistle does it so well , but she's on holiday and I've had a random week so I shall have a go!!!

I went to Tescos in Slough last night and a vaguely familiar couple were in the queue behind me, I suddenly realised they were "off the telly".  Yes Britain's Got Talent's bell ringing stars were within touching distance!!!
(No, I didn't ask for a photo with them, or their autographs!)

The hospital in Windsor is just for clinics, no wards or A&E.  it's car park has just been converted to "pay and display" but someone mist have made a mistake on the sign when they made the machine as two extra words have been taped to the outside
Really, was it that difficult?

Having unsewn my hexi top into strips I learnt that you can't turn a hexi strip through 90 degrees and expect it to fit happily, so I have further unsewn the strips into blocks so I can make a border of Hexie flowers with the final scraps of spotty fabric as random hexies in the centre yellow

Well that's me done!  Not much sewing this week: extra hours at work, and trying to find space at home for lots of Lisa's stuff have kept me out of the sewing room, but Jackie arrives tomorrow so there will be lots of fabric and sewing and quilty talk even if not much creating! 


  1. Wonderfully random! I think the parking thing is so stingy - it's not as if the time hasn't been paid for. I've been to some where you have to enter your number plate so you can't pass your ticket on.

  2. Isn't that just so mean, I have often passed on a ticket if there has been a reasonable amount of time left on it. Never watched BGT so the bell ringers are lost on me :)

  3. If I had seen them I would have run away screaming!

  4. You're right, very random - apart from the precision of the hexie project! Sounds like a busy week!

  5. Love random. I think that sums up everything I do! Me and structure don't get on!! lol

  6. I hate pay and display at the hospital, I think it's terrible that they're wringing money out of people who are ill or who have a loved one who is ill. At our local hospital the charges are criminal. Also, with pay and display you have to decide how long you'll be there - if you're going in to see someone how on earth could you know?


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