Saturday 1 June 2013

Countdown to Work

Just a day and a half left of the school hols, and my to-do list looks like this,

so I decided not to tackle any of the items on the list, and I made this instead! Isn't it pretty!

However in my defence, I have (in what I try and call family time, even if I think of it as curfew) bound a whole stack of quilts.  You have seen them all at various stages, so I won't bore you with them individually but look at this fab pile: 

And from the end:

I have also worked on an embroidery for a pair of boxing shorts.  No, not boxer shorts, but shorts worn by a boxer.  Made by Susie Wong (?) they already have the boxer's name on the front,

but his mum wanted Granddad's initials on the back

in silver

with stars. 
I embroidered it, then machine stitched another piece to it, right sides together, snipped a hole in the other piece and turned the whole lot through.  It had to be stitched to the elastic part, so I hooped the elastic and stretched as much as I dared, then hand stitched the patch on.

 Have I told you we have a lot of settled travellers around here?

Anyway, it's done, so that's another tick on the list, so I think I've earned permission to look at moving one of these from the 'needs binding' pile to the 'finished' pile

Yes Katy, I have done my college work (-:

And family news: Lisa took her last exam yesterday, so is no longer a student, well done Lisa!  And Niki is going to work today for the first time as Front Of House Supervisor, (with additional responsibility for training all new staff) well done Niki!


  1. I wish my lists had as much crossed off as yours! Well done to you and Lisa too.

  2. A good week for everyone then! Well done on all the bindings!

  3. WOW! At least your pile is quilted! My pile is tops that still need quilting. Great job!

  4. Love the spool tree, Benta! That stack of quilts is just gorgeous too. Well done to both of your girls;you have good reason to be proud of them!

  5. I love the cotton reel tree and those quilts are looking great. You've had a brilliant week! Congrats to both your girls too :)

  6. Looks like a successful day all round (if you hide your list ;o) )


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