Sunday 16 June 2013

Postponed Plans

After my post yesterday morning I planned have a cuppa with Brian and Niki then get on with four customers' jobs while I considered lots of lovely options with my rainbow charms.

But while the kettle was boiling I thought I'd just phone Lisa. On Friday afternoon she had been waiting for a friend to arrive with his 5 year old, autistic sun, C, to arrive - she was going to baby sit C for a few hours. C is 5 and autistic.  Lisa has offered several times in the past, and C's dad had asked if she could do from 4 or 5pm on Friday, to 6 or 7pm. She admits she was a bit tipsy when he asked, but she happily agreed 

However the alcohol had enabled her to file away one significant fact . . . from 4 or 5pm on Friday, to 6 or 7pm ON SATURDAY!!!!

I have child minded an autistic boy before, with significant help from Lisa as well as Niki and Brian.  His obsession was motorways and time: C's obsession is doors, gates and locks.  C has virtually no language, but makes his choices very clear, usually by taking your hand and pulling you the direction he has chosen.  The best doors were on her floor (top floor) of the halls of residence, and the best gates were on the ground -  and they  were separated by 7 flights of 16 steps (no he wouldn't use the lift) so Lisa was getting worn out, so I went to join her - I know how much I appreciated help when I had R.  We had a lovely day spending 15 to 20 minutes at a time playing with doors, locks, gates, locks, doors, locks and gates, with occasional diversions to the lift (C pushing me into it) and letterbox (opening and closing the flaps).

I'm reminded why I have so much admiration for people who cope with autistic children either as parents, through work, or as volunteers - it's exhausting, although he is a real sweetie!

C unlocking one of several doors

So, in summary, no customers' work even got looked at, but on the train to Greenwich I did get to un-sew some hexies (as I've changed my mind about the design)

Old arrangement

Now separated into

and I did get to spend a day with Lisa :-)

NOW I'll start on customers' orders:
* Cushions of the seats on Martin's boat
* embroider logo onto t-shirts for the pre-school
* a circular table cloth for Mrs Rose
* repair a jacket pocket for a friend's husband


  1. It sounds like you and Lisa should be spending the day in bed recovering! I love the hexies.

  2. The best plans are the ones God makes for us and we end up accepting as we abandon our own.

  3. so called "normal" children can be exhausting so well done to both of you for coping with this little one x

  4. Again, we are reminded how kind hearted you are!

  5. Just as well you both have plenty of experience in that direction! You all coped beautifully with R and built up a really good relationship with him. So well done for tackling it again. xxx

  6. I am worn out just reading about it - all credit to you xxx

  7. Well done to you and Lisa. It sounds exhausting but it must have been such a break for his mum and dad :)

  8. That does sound a bit wearing - the energy that Lisa needed (and you too!) sound like they'd need a regular chocolate top-up for yourselves!
    Lovely that she didn't run away from it when she realised that it was a longer stint than she'd remembered - your girls are a credit to you.
    New hexie plan? Anything that you're going to share or are you going to make us wait until it's finished before revealing? xx

  9. Sometimes I forget how much I need my Mummy, and plough on ahead in the direction of independence... Then something like this happens and I remember everything is easier when my Mum is there to help =)

  10. Sounds like you both know more about locks now than you will ever need to :) Bet C's parents were delighted to be leaving him in such good hands, for an undoubtedly well-deserved break.


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