Friday 31 May 2013

Crafty Caddy

When I last visited Jackie she was trying to remember how to make a craft caddie that she'd seen: When I left her she still had a just square of fabric.  (She did sort it later and send me a pic)

Yesterday Amanda from the BQL group on Yahoo! posted a pic of a similar caddie, and I decided there was no point in just liking these things, I should have a go, so I did!

I cut my fabric to 16" square (to give a 5 inch base: 5x3+1).  As well as the decorative fabric, I cut the same size square in a plain fabric for the inside and some wadding (except I actually used fleece as that was what I had to hand)

I layed the fabrics fleece first, then lining cotton (right side up) then outer cotton (right side down) and stitched them together with a generous 1/4" seam, leaving an opening for turning along one side

I snipped the corners and turned the whole lot inside out, making sure the wadding was in the middle of the 'sandwich'

I marked the fabric (using a frixon pen) into 9 squares, all 5x5 inches

And then stitched over the lines, and continued round to top stitch the edges, including the opening so that was now stitched closed

I then folded the unit diagonally and stitched along the matched seams as shown . . .

. . . to make a triangular pocket

I folded the point down, and secured with a button (what do you mean it looks like a pin?)

I continue with all four corners, then took an out of focus photo

Ta da - a  sewing caddie with pockets for pens, threads, scissors etc
Amanda's version also had handles (plaited fabric), which I might add next time.  It should be possible to add pockets inside too


  1. Very cute, and you picked the perfect fabric too!

  2. I like yours more than mine! I love the pockets.

  3. This is great Benta. I'll be getting to one of those when life calms in to a new routine.

  4. Oh the corner pockets are a great touch!

  5. You inspired me. I made a smaller version today to fit inside a small sewing basket. I started with a 10 inch square and made a caddy that is 4-inches square with sides that are 3-inches high. I'll probably post a photo on my blog tomorrow. Thanks for the clear tutorial.


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