Tuesday 21 May 2013

Lovely Lovely Lisa

A few days ago I blogged about daughter Lisa, today I'm blogging about sister-in-law Lisa.  The same sister-in-law who very considerately bought a house within walking distance of two fabric shops, and then patiently drove me to every other fabric shop within about 50 miles of her and my brother's house in Sydney.

Her daughter, India, made me this fab paper quilt for my birthday

I reckon there is every chance that Indi may have the sewing gene, but I'm not sure that I'll ever convince Lisa that this is a fun hobby - however she does make a great personal shopper!

I'd mentioned that I'd run low on Australian fabrics for my Aussie hexies and stars,

and just look what arrived in the post!  Far too yummy to cut into yet, I'm just enjoying looking and stroking and trying not to drool

Thank you Lise, love you!!!!


  1. What a lovely sister-in-law! We might make a sewer out of her yet!

  2. now that is the sort of relative we should all have xx

  3. What an awesome sister-in-law

  4. Now that was a lovely surprise, you need to look after that sister-in-law of yours, she is a treasure :)

  5. Great job all round from the Aussie contingent!

  6. Thanks Bente,

    You're very sweet! I think Indi definitely does have the sewing gene, so you might just have to come back and give her some lessons or she'll drive me mad!!

    Let me know if you need some more...

    Love Lise xx


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