Monday 27 May 2013

Medallion Monday

There are a lot of medallion quilts around at the moment, and seeing them reminded me of one I'd started some years ago.

The centre was made about 4 years ago from 10 strips from a jelly roll.  (or 10 x 2.5 inch strips.)  Join them, long ends together, press.  Cut in half (appx 22 x 22").  Put one on top of the other, right sides together, with one side having horizontal stripes, one vertical.  Stitch all around all 4 sides.  Cut diagionaly into quarters, press open

Sometime later I added a yellow border, and then must have decided to add pink into the mix, as I added the pink dashed border

later again I found a bit of pink and some orange in my stash and added a chequer board row

Today I decided to have a go at adding some flying geese blocks.  I used the 'no waste method' where you make 4 at a time.  I then wasn't sure how to arrange them, but I'm really pleased with this chevron arrangements

On the other end I put the HSTs that I made a few weeks ago with that printed iron on interfacing stuff

Followed with a vanishing nine patch row

And finished with the remaining Flying Chevrons

I'm not sure that I like it much, but I liked each separate componant, and it certainly cant be accused of being a dull quilt!

As with yesterday's Star of Africa top, this has been pieced, basted and quilted as I went along, so all that now needs to be done is the binding, but I'm all pinked out, so this can wait.


  1. It certainly wins 'brightest quilt of the year' :oD

  2. You are churning out quilts at a rate of knots these days Benta!

    This will certainly brighten up a dull day :)

  3. A lovely summery quilt makes me think of the sun! You had a very productive weekenf :-)

  4. Fabulously bright! Sounds like you had fun making this!

  5. So great to get those Wips under your belt xxx

  6. Gosh! You're getting through those ufos like anything! Congrats on another quilt already!


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