Thursday 16 May 2013

Wondering What This Is For

One of the things I got from Eileen's destash was this very flimsy possibly iron-on fabric, pre printed with squares and triangles, and another sheet just with squares.

I cant work out the squares version at all, but the triangles reminded me of something that Nicky sew and sow mentioned a while ago - Thangles?

So I ironed it onto fabric, and placed that fabric right sides together with another fabric

And stitched along the diagonal lines.  I'm not a fan of triangles, but how much of that is due to the flaffing around?  Using this method there are no stop start stitching requirements, I stitched across up to 3 squares at a time which is quite satisfying.  Can you see the stitches?

Is this better?

Now I'm off to work up the courage to slice between the stitch rows, and the horizontal and vertical solid lines - I hope this works!


  1. The lines should be printed on the paper for cutting if it's like thangles?

  2. Fingers crossed for you!!

  3. go on cut it ... fingers crossed it works xx

  4. I think that's exactly what it is, should work beautifully!

  5. That looks a great idea. I'm looking forward to seeing what you make with all those triangles :)

  6. How exciting! the other way to use this (and in particular the squares one, I think) is to lay out your design of cut pieces, iron them on, then fold and sew along the rows which should give you accurate piecing. I'm sure that I bought some of the squared stuff when I was planning a 'mosaic' fact I might have started it and then not liked the bulk at the seam joins. I rather think that it would be wise, if you were trying that, to trim the seams and perhaps iron them flat after stitching all the up and down seams and before sewing the side to side seams (and I'm thinking that I didn't do that and regretted it!).
    Hope that you have lots of fun with it, anyway!


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