Saturday 11 May 2013

Sockrates The Sock Monkey (and Friends)

A couple of friends cant make it to Crafty Church next week, so they came over a week early and we had a play date at mine.

Lynne is churning out Sock Monkeys, but people are buying them quicker than she can make them!

So at least one of these chaps will be called Sockrates - a fab pun name, can you think of any others?


  1. Isock, Sockundus, Jesocka, Honeysockle... Yeah, I'm out, sorry!

  2. It's late,and Katy has fried my brain!

  3. Can't think of any names at the minute but these are great! Where does she get her socks? :)

  4. Ha ha. Reminds me of Mister Sock - the one that gets left in the washing machine!!

  5. Socket (as in wrench). Socketoome (a boxing monkey?). Sox for a baseball fan.


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