Thursday 9 May 2013

Technical Wizardry

Technical Wizardry

One of the blogs I follow is Spice Up Your Blog: anything remotely clever or technical on my blog is stuff that Paul has researched and written code for and posted on his blog

A lot of his tips are for people wanting to increase traffic on their blog which doesn't interest me, but a recent tip did appeal to me.

If you visit someones blog, and maybe haven't been for a while, you read each post then get to the bottom of the page, and have to click to go to previous posts, and wait for the next page to load.

Well quickly go and scroll down to the bottom of mine - go on, I'll wait here for you.  (actually you can cheat, and just press [End] ).  When you think you're there, just wait a second or two (and then do come back)

Hello again that was quick

Isn't that clever.  Paul wrote a piece of code which converts the page to an infinity page, and he has made it very easy for his readers to click and add: his post is here if you want to have a look

Edited - the background didn't seem to keep up with the posts, so I took this off again


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