Wednesday 15 May 2013

One Persons destash . . .

A lovely lady at church, Eileen, is moving and has been off loading her sewing room in my direction.  The boot of my car is always full of crates of sewing stuff, but now the back seat is full too!  Books, embroidery hoops, fabrics, board and rulers for rotary cutting, plastic template sheets, plastic embroidery sheets, more fabric, dress maker's dummy . . .  and amongst other things there are these linen cotton fabrics.  Almost certainly upholstery or curtain fabrics  . . .

They are great for bags too

The faint suggestion of a horizontal line just above where the smaller stripes finish is a pocket, and I put the same on the inside, for sunnies etc on the outside, and purse, keys, phone on the inside.

Just how many bags does a girl need?


  1. Are you sure she was actually moving and not just wanting to start a new hobby? ;o)

  2. MMMMM Benta, I love those stripes. Linen is so lovely to stitch, ( and makes more practical bags than clothes in my opinion). Lucky you.

  3. A girl can never have enough bags and I should know LOL! Enjoy your new stash!!

  4. A tailors dummy? Going to start training for 'Great British Sewing Bee'? Sounds like you have some great stash there for you to have fun with!

  5. Have you moved your sewing room out to the car now Benta? It seems a bit drastic :)

  6. That sounds very exciting! Great bag :)


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