Wednesday 22 May 2013

A Little Lull

I haven't blogged much about sewing recently as I haven't really done much.  I think it's due to some fabric that I really want to use (but not sure what to do with it) and a design I really want to make (but don't know what fabric to use). Very disheartening.

Instead I've been despondently plodding with an old UFO from a workshop I did with Jan Hassard and the Richmond and Kew  Quilters in 2011.  I haven't really been feeling the love here either but after 18 months I just decided to get on with it. 

I was so 'bleugh' about everything I didn't take stage photos, but basically I had loads of 1 and 1.5 inch strips in shades of red and black and beige.  I used these to make 36 offset log cabin blocks.  Half had the two narrow sides made of red, 

and the other half had them made of cream.
 (Indoor, flash photos, the cream colour is somewhere between these two shades)

As I made these I pondered my two problems: one being the fabric I want to use, and the other being the quilt top I want to make

This is the fabric: Essential Dots from Moda,

 I love, love LOVE the colours, but feel that the bottom two don't really belong with the other shades, and without them I don't have enough fabric to make anything.

As for the quilt I want to make - it's the giant star that lots of people made a while ago:

This is Katy's version

And this is Nicky's 

Aren't they yummy!  I also fell in love with a version Hadley made a year or so ago, but I certainly don't have charm squares in the right colours

(hope it was OK to borrow your photos, girls xxxx)

I *may* have come up with a solution, I'm off to bed now, I'll let you know tomorrow 


  1. Good luck with the conundrum!

  2. I like all of the colors together. The lighter ones add some punch to the mix.

  3. Hi Benta, you can always overdye the bright ones. Happy to talk you through ways to do that. Let me know

  4. I think you need the bright ones! Katy and Nickys look like large half square triangles, your favourites!!

  5. I would use them ALL together - I love the yellow and the pink ;-))

  6. I agree about keeping the brighter ones. I think a large star with these would be great :)

  7. You may need to go shopping!!!! xxx

  8. Funny - I like those two best of all! Mull it over and I'm sure something will come to you!

    Am just finishing quilting one of these! I made three so far - must have liked it then!

  9. Hope you feel more positive towards those fabrics soon, they are lovely.


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