Sunday 26 May 2013

Sunday Stars

Today I worked on the Star of Africa blocks.  These have been arriving from Bee Buddies all over the world, and today I had the time and the space, so I got on with attaching the strips to each other and to a fleece blanket in one go, using my Slik & Quick method:

I started spray basting one strip (from the eventual centre) to the fleece,

then I pinned and then stitched its next-door neighbour to it (stitch and flip). 

I then spray basted that one in place then pinned and stitched the next one, then the next, and the next.  Now it's pieced, basted and quilted, in just 8 lengths of machine sewing

I am actually going to hand quilt the stars, to make them pop out even more, and it does needs binding, but it's done enough that I can use it.  Sod's law, we have lovely weather today so I don't need it!

Once I'd finished working on it took it out into the garden to photograph, it didn't take long for my assistants to sit on it,

then play it, with one on top, one underneath !

(Just one green eye from the cat under the quilt!)


  1. Never work with children and animals ;o)

  2. Wow Benta! It looks so cool and it feels so great to have contributed to this! It's a first time for me to see a little bit of me in someone elses quilt!

  3. Lovely set of blocks! And cute kitties too. :-) Don't worry it will soon be cool enough to sit under it again. :-/

  4. That's a lovely quilt, Benta, though I think the cat has adopted it! ;o))

  5. It looks great Benta and what a smart way to quilt it.

  6. Seems to have the seal of approval already!

  7. Yay! The first quilt of the bee! It's looking great :)


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