Sunday 12 May 2013

End of Education

Lisa (DD#1) started pre-school 19 years ago.  Since then, with her, or her sister, or both, we've gone through learning alphabets and spellings, homework, 11+ exams, coursework, CGSEs (O'levels in old money, end of compulsory education exams to non UK residents) A'levels (post 16 optional courses), choosing whether to do a degree or not . . . And now in 19 days it will all be over.

Lisa, I am *enormously* proud of you just for sticking at it.  (Having done 8 weeks I know I couldn't do three years!)

Not only did you stick at it, you attended every lecture, handed in every essay on time, existed on the student loan, worked to fund a social life, and even managed to put money into your savings account, (and found yourself a nice young man at the same time).

The result - well we will know in the summer.  If all goes well it could be good, it could be very good, but for me,  that you did it at all is more than enough, the rest is icing on the cake.  

I love you Lisa xxxxx


  1. Congratulations to Lisa! My middle son graduates shortly too!!!

  2. Congratulations Lisa!You have good reason to be so proud, Benta!

  3. Fabulous. Why is is so amazing to be a mom.

  4. Well done Lisa! Well done Benta on all the proof reading!

  5. Lovely post Benta, and congratulations to you both!


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