Thursday 23 May 2013

Less of a Lull

So as I left you yesterday I was making blocks for a quilt that didn't excite me, while I tried to work out what I could do with my Moda Essential Dots, and what could I use to make a Giant Star?

So this is how my sewing time panned out:

The blocks have been assembled,  
Hmm The problem with the fabric collection seems to be the red and the gold, they are a different tone to the others. But if I take them out I only have four fabrics that belong together.

The borders have been added,

Hmmm What fabric shall I use for the Giant Star?
 Some of the left over fabric got 'piano keyed' and added as another border
Hmmmm, I could use the 4 fabrics I have to make the lone star, but it would be better with all different fabrics

A few more borders to use up all the project fabric, and I seem to have a quilt top, and what's more I love it again.
Meanwhile ... Hmmmmm I wonder if there are any other shades of Essential dots?  

A quick visit to ThreadBear, and a few clicks later and I think that teeny problem has been solved!!!!  So a finished top, AND a plan for the Giant Star when my squishy arrives!!!!!


  1. wow, how great does that look!!!!
    Absolutely fantastic, love it ☺

  2. I love that quilt! Well done

  3. Oh there's millions of shades of those bloody dots! Glad you battled through with this one in the end

  4. This top is wonderful! I love the lattice effect. Looking forward to the star :)

  5. So glad it came back around to being loved x

  6. Lovely quilt Benta, glad it was worth all your hard work in the end!


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