Sunday 5 May 2013

Slik and Quick Chunky Chevrons

I love the yellow Chunky Chevron Quilt, so decided to make a few more - a pink one.

And then a blue one. 
This time I took stage photos so I'll remember next time , so if you are interested, here are instructions for one of the quickest, cheapest and cuddliest quilts you can make.  I really do mean quick - it took me 90 minutes to put this top together - from pulling the fabrics from stash, to sufficiently quilted, just 90 minutes!

You will need 1.5 yards assorted fabrics equalling 10 strips of fabric - width of fabric (minus the selvedge edges) x 5 inches, You can get more 5" strips from a FQ than from a thin Q, unless its very generously cut.  If you want to, pre-join into one long strip for each fabric.

And you will need a piece of fleece about 80cm x 110 cm (30"x44" ish)  I used an Ikea one, cut in half with the fancy ends trimmed off.  You can make this quilt as large as you want, but this size works perfectly for a child.

Finger press a triangle at the end of one strip, matching the edge like this, and neatly cut along the folded edge.(this gives you a right angle isosceles triangle)

Place the triangle, right side up, long edge along one edge of fabric. Anywhere.  Really!  Maybe anywhere except close to the middle, now you don't have to worry about it being symmetrical!

Take a strip of a different fabric, and place it on top, matching one side (right sides together), pin and stitch in place, flip open, and press (plenty of pins as fleece stretches)

Repeat, along the opposite edge

And again, and again and again

Trim any excess as you go along (These cuts will be at 45 degrees, and to use them economically some strips can be started at the edge of the quilt rather than at the tip of the chevron)

Continue until the fleece is covered.  If it gets bulky in the throat of the machine (to the right of the needle) roll the excess fabric to make it easier

You can now quilt it: perhaps echo quilt some of the chevrons

But if you don't want to, it's no problem.  By using the fleece as a foundation piece you have already quilted the layers together

so there wont be any movement, so you can go ahead and bind. 

There should be some 5 inch strips left over.  I made them into 2.5inch strips - perfect to join into a strip and use for scrappy binding.  (If you cut your binding wider or narrower than I do, I suggest you cut your strips at double your binding width)

The quilt police will tell us that is it NOT a quilt as a quilt needs to have three layers, but any child will tell you that this is super soft and cuddly, and the clock will tell you it's really quick


  1. Thanks for the instructions Benta, this looks like a lot of fun to do.

  2. 90 minutes seems appealingly fast!

  3. Great tute! They look fun and fast to do - my kind of quilt! I might just have to put down the fiddly stuff that I've been messing about with and make one too! x

  4. Good one, what a super tutorial, thanks.

  5. This looks perfect for a child, or anyone if it was bigger. Great idea and excellent tute :)


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