Thursday 2 May 2013

Blinking Binding

I'm not sure how many quilts I've made over the years, but there are quite a few, and the vast majority have been finished with continuous non-bias binding.  That must be a fair amount of binding.   I understand how to do it, I use it regularly, I teach other people how to do it . . .

So why did I stitch such a huge seam allowance this time?  Now the binding won't fold to the back of the quilt - not until I've spent hours and hours unsewing, and then stitched it again nearer the edge.

"Fiddlesticks", and other words!


  1. Would it ruin the quilt to trim the seam allowance Benta?

  2. At least you didn't sew the folded edge to the raw side. I've done that TWICE around entire quilts only to realize my mistake when I went to turn it!

  3. Can you trim the seam allowance? Its the unpicking that would drive me crazy!!

  4. I'd be trimming too....unless it was't my quilt. So sorry. We really need to live closer together so we can commiserate over a cuppa.


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