Sunday 19 May 2013

Huge Hexies

One of my ladies at Chertsey Museum brought this e-nor-mous paper pieced hexi top in to show me.
It measures over 3metres square, and looks to be made in the 1970s.  There is a large variety of fabrics including some very, um, *something* crimpline, tweed, silk and some cotton - and the sewing isn't particularly brilliant.

Kay was given it by the daughter of the lady who assembled it, with a "you like sewing don't you" comment - the one we mostly dread.

So Kay doesn't want to use it, but cant bear to throw it away.  I thought we could chop it into 6 children sized tops and finish them for Siblings Together, or Project Linus or some other children's charity.  Other suggestions included draping it over a rope to make a play tent for the grand children, an enormous picnic blanket, or seeing if the Cath Kidston stores buy patchworks for curtains for their changing rooms.

Anybody else got any ideas?


  1. My only fear with making childrens quilts is that if different fabrics are in it how will it wash!! How big are the hexies??

  2. How about a 'talents' competition. Chop it up into 50cm squares and hand them iut to people to do with them as they will!

  3. Sorry but I have no idea of what to do with it. the picnic blanket could work, or raffle?

  4. If it is a bit suspect, I'd go for cushion fronts, with fusible fleece on the back to hold it all together x

  5. Make Teddy Bears out of it for the children :)


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