Sunday 16 April 2017

2017 Week 15 - mostly out of our comfort zone

We started the Wendy Dolan treescape but then found ourselves hindered by the lack of paints, so these have been put away for another day

So instead we started work on the next section of Jackie's Small World.
Let's just take a minute to love what she's done so far ...

The next section needs mini hexies, mini dreson plate pieces and FOUR mini New York Beauty blocks! Gulp!
These, plus two more became this . . .
and will go with these on the final panel. (We are rather pleased with ourselves)

I can't wait to see the end result!
Now sadly I'm at the airport ready to fly home. Thank you Jackie - as always I had a wonderful time! Love you xxx


  1. I hope you made it home safely, and will pick up the treescape project another day :) Small World is very pretty - the blocks for the next section and the final panel look very challenging! Now - maybe I'm just seeing things, but what's up in the top right corner of the picture, hanging beside the very top of the quilt, hmmmmmmmmmm? :D

  2. I just love the Small world quilt have seen a few and they are so beautiful I admire those who have made one the pieces are so tiny. You will be home now I expect after a lovely Easter with Jackie

  3. Time for me to knuckle down and finish MSW :-)
    Thanks for the help, those New York Beauties were scary until you explained them!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous Small World! I've been tempted but time is dissolving!!

  5. I've loved all the small worlds I've seen. That's my problem - always drawn to the most difficult quilt projects. Which is why I don't quilt.

  6. Lovely work. Jackie's small world quilt is going to be wonderful :)

  7. NYB blocks are hard enough at the best of times, but tiny NYB blocks? That way lies madness :) Gorgeous too though!


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