Saturday 8 April 2017

2017 Wk 14 - Mostly Chertsey (lino printing)

The Chertsey Project this month was lino printing.  A first for most  - but we managed some great results with only two plasters needed!!!

If you click on the pictures they will go to full size.

We had bunnies,with and without carrots

geometric shapes

and flowers and bees carved from the lino blocks

 And one girl used magic blocks instead of lino blocks.  We heated the blue foam on the iron plate (about 35 seconds) then pressed it onto knotted rope.  The details of the rope came out fab in the foam, but not when we added paint and pressed onto fabric.  By the end of the 90 minutes we have managed to progress to making a positive impression by using a second heated block pressed onto the original, and then painted the positive and used the negative to ensure the fabric was pushed against all the paint!  We were rather please with ourselves!


  1. not tried lino printing but did have a magic block for years afraid I threw it away a few months ago as did not know what to do with it, such a shame I could have sent it too you. Lovely things the ladies made

  2. Very creative as always :-)

  3. Love the MacGyvering you did to get the magic blocks to work properly :) I have no idea what magic blocks are, but Google is my friend :D

  4. Great pictures, Benta!
    Nice to see you all fared well with your workshop.
    Was the block with the bee and honeycomb a linocut piece?
    I have heard of Magic blocks but we didn't have any on our block printing workshop.
    Barbara x


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