Saturday 15 April 2017

2017 Wk 15 - Mostly Perfecting Pouches

As well as finishing the binding on our wall hangings we have made a new boxy pouch each.
We've made several similar ones over the past years:
But these went together better than the rest!
I use the blue one in the bigger photo to take my electronic stuff on holiday - chargers, plugs, cables etc. I also like to take a three way extension lead to make it easier to access sockets, and to give me more rockets. It also means I only need one uk-to-other converter and I can use my own uk plugs. BUT . . . the extension lead doesn't really fit in the blue pouch, so we custome made one.
Jackie already had some fabric she'd quilted for a long forgotten project, so this was quicker to make than it looks. It all came together perfectly (with no instructions or plans!) We cut the top and bottom to 1/2 A4 size which would fit the extension lead, and cut a piece of quilted fabic the right length for for the front and two sides - the zip luckily was the right length for this! We cut a 1.5" strip off the long edge of the fabric and stitched the zip in between these two strips. I pinned these in place on the base so I could see how much would be needed for the back . . . Pretty much exactly what was left over! We added this section of quilted fabric for the back and stitched it all together and it fitted perfectly. The fusible fleece wadding helped, as did the decision to love the raw seam edges inside! They can be overcast if needed, but for now it (they, there are of course two) do their job perfectly!
Either we are getting better or . . . Actually, let's just say we ARE getting better!!!!
Tomorrow - something new! We have a Wendy Dolan book and kit so we are taking ourselves out of our comfort zone to make a tree scape !!!


  1. The hags (OMG look at that typo, LOL!) ... the BAGS look great, and I hope you're having a fantastic time with Jackie! Looking forward to the treescape - I popped over to the linked page and that project (and Poppy Meadow) look adorable :D

  2. so many useful pouches you have here. Good to read Jackie is visiting, happy Easter to you both. Are you going to FOQ this year?

  3. Wow, you two are so productive when you get together. Not much stitching for me as the garden needs serious attention this weekend. looking forward to seeing the Wendy Dolan project.

  4. Good to have a creative long weekend. Like the pouches, I like making them too as you've seen from my blog. I hope you enjoy the Wendy Dolan kits, something different.

  5. Wow! You are having fun! Handy that Jackie had the quilted fabric spare, it made for a very striking pouch ..... great colours/pretty fabric!
    The Wendy Dolan kits look great fun .... looking forward to seeing what you both make!
    Barbara x

  6. Well of course your bags are better because you are getting better at making them! All that practice must count for something :)

  7. Well of course your bags are better because you are getting better at making them! All that practice must count for something :)

  8. Great pouches. Practice makes perfect so either you are getting better or you are perfect, I'd say both :)


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