Friday 14 April 2017

2017 Wk 15 - Mostly chuffed with ourselves

Hello from Ireland! Only a short trip this time - just two nights so packing in as much as we can.

We made two of these today
And it's twin
They were inspired by this page which someone photocopied for me (sorry, I can't credit the original magazine)

But we decided to change so many bits that it's only 'inspired by' rather than using the instructions!!
We used IKEA skirt hangers, and added thread strips

We added a removable thread catcher

And a vinyl pocket along the bottom

We are rather pleased with ourselves !!!! What next?


  1. You get so much done! That organizer is adorable, and I see you're celebrating April the Giraffe having her baby today ... LOL!!! ;)

  2. how useful this will be see you are in Ireland thought Jackie was with at your place.

  3. Great organisers! Especially love your colour choices, and the matching scissors!
    Barbara x

  4. This is brilliant! You'll be super organised now :)


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