Sunday 9 April 2017

2017 Wk 14 - Mostly 15 Minutes of Fun

Hope you love this as much as I do!

I've had a busy week working at both admin jobs, and a big delivery of polo-shirts and sweatshirts to be embroidered, so no dedicated sewing time, but in 15 minutes of sewing most nights my black and white charm squares progressed from this

to this (stitched in pairs) (I love love LOVE my "cutting gizmo")

and then to this

and then I have established they can progress to this

I wasn't sure if it would work as it involves a bit of a bodge with the embroidery machine, but I have proved to myself I can make perfect circle porthole applique without the struggle of sewing any circles myself - yippee!!

I just need to finish all the customer embroidery (and join all my two square blocks into four patches) then I can start to plod through my own embroidery and make this fun quilt I have in my head


  1. wow such perfect circles what is your secret? This is going to be a great quilt love the splash of orange

  2. Loving the harvest moons too. You're much better at managing your precious 15 minute blocks than I am.

  3. Love the orange - what's the secret to the circles? Hope to see you tonight.

  4. I can't stop saying the word "bodge" (or variations thereof) in my mind while I'm working on - well - anything! Bodging zipper, grrrrr! Bodge that, you silly squirrel! Don't leave your cart in the parking lot, you lazy bodger! :)

    I'll be watching to see your portholes - very intriguing!

  5. it so DOES work x looks wonderful x


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