Saturday 22 April 2017

2017 Wk 16 - Mostly Recycling

Today was Crafty Church day, and also World Earth Day

So we decided to look at recycling projects

I had my selvedge and denim quilt

Tara shared a lush necklace made from stretchy velvet.

Did you know that stretch velvet cut in one direction curls to show the inside, and a perpendicular cut encourages it to curl to show the outside

Worth knowing if you want to make a lush necklace!!

Tara cut several lengths about 1" wide, stretched then until there was no stretch left, joined the ends in one section and wrapped one length around the joints.

It makes an awesome necklace!

Lynne decided to recycle a badminton racket as a fun garden ornament for the autistic garden at the school where she works

Hope you are well and happy, and had a great WEDay


  1. Great projects. I love the concept of upcycling and giving a new life to pre-loved things :)

  2. 3 great ways of recycling here have not seen velvet used this way before it works so well. A fun racket and well your quilt must have taken lots of stitching to join all those tiny selvages together

  3. At a recent EG demonstration the lady leading it showed us how to make a necklace from recycled opaque tights! I imagine the stitching works in a similar way to the stretchy velvet.


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