Sunday 23 April 2017

2017 Wk 16- mostly boring

I been embroidering uniforms for what feels like weeks - and I'm about half way through!
However the advantage of having to be in the room while the machine is countering away is just that . . . I have to be in the room so I might as well do *something* between each item
So I've almost made a second tunic dress, this time with a V neck (it will get hemmed soon)
And in case you think I'm exaggerating - here's 65 of the 115 items this time!
Back to work tomorrow for a rest!


  1. the tunic looks good, have not made any clothes for a good few years now and have even given away the clothes fabric I had stashed away. At least you can do other things whilst the machine gets on with the motifs etc

  2. oh my goodness ... so many to do!!!.. but at least you are using your "watching "time productively xx

  3. Two birds killed with one stone there Benta!

  4. I love the dress, a great use of your time :-)

  5. Very pretty fabric! I wish I could wear sleeveless.

  6. This dress is lovely! I'm glad you got to make something nice as well as getting all that embroidery done :)

  7. Love your tunic! With pockets too .... great project ..... ladies clothes rarely have them these days, and they are sooooo needed!
    Barbara x


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