Monday 1 November 2010

Back from holiday ... to postcards

This is a very brief post as I am seriously sleep deprived having slept three out of the last 36 hours (*), but I had to show these postcards...

These six were part of a swap- I sent six and received six back. The photo shows all six: the champagne glass and the fish arrived while we were away, and were a lovely surprise to come back to

However, my absolute favourite was also waiting for me when we got back

This hand stitched beach scene was made by Lisa, just for me :-)

Proud Mummy!!!

(* fab holiday if you asked - sun, sea, swimming and shopping shopping and shopping, oh and it was good to see Dad and Eileen too!!!)

And here is my favourite of Eileen's paintings (but her bum isn't that big!)


  1. Lovely! And a really well done to Lisa for making such a lovely card!

  2. Hello! You have lovely blog and I love the wooden base! You make wonderful creations!
    These small quilt-cards are fabulous!
    Best Wishes from Finnish woman living in Crete! Teje

  3. What a lot of lovely post to come back to, and Lisa's card is lovely! She's got a proud Mum and a proud Grandmother as well.

    Why does 'Your Mum' contain illegal characters? I'll just have to continue being Anonymous.


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