Sunday 14 November 2010

Rural Jardin flimsy

I managed to get the Rural Jardin finished (at least to a flimsy) yesterday,

and made part of the Secret Santa BQL pressie.

I also finished sewing the 1.5 inch blue blocks into a strip for the Log Cabin Candle quilt, and piece some green piecing to bulk out the tree - phew!

Today - nothing!

We did go to the Remembrance Day Service at church, and I have to share with you the sight as we came out and walked (about 200 of us, with Scouts and Guides etc) past the section which the gas board have dug up, and have had traffic lights for what seems like months ...

How awesome is that? And what's more, the lovely man who arranged it (and came to the service with his wife) donated one to the parish and one to the church!


  1. The Rural Jardin turned out great! The contrasting colors are fab.

  2. Hello! You have had energy! Your quilt is lovely and the new blocks looks also beautiful!
    Best wishes Teje


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