Sunday 21 November 2010

I won an award!

Teje and her gorgeous Alsatian, Nero, have awarded me a Beautiful Blogger Award... They cant see me blogging in my pyjamas, with my hair unbrushed, but I think even if they could, it's OK as the award is aimed at the blog, not the blogger!

Thank you Teje and Nero

There is a condition to accepting the award - that I have to post 10 things that you didn't know about me. I see the blog really to keep mum and Jackie (my patchwork twin, but she doesn't blog) up to date with what I'm working on, and there isn't much they don't know. However I have some other lovely people who also come and visit my blog and leave comments so maybe the 10 things are more for you guys ... anyway here goes:

  1. I was born in Norway, but lived in UK since I was two-and-a-half
  2. My Mum, Dad and Brother all live in a different country to where they were brought up: I live within 15 miles of where I was brought up
  3. My blog is called SLIKstitches as my brother's wife had their first baby at the same time as I got an embroidery machine, and they signed their emailed S (my brother's initial) L (his wife, Lisa) I (their daughter's initial) and K (for Kodi the dog!)
  4. My mum is my biggest fan and although she doesn't patchwork, I learned all my sewing skills from her - she is an awesome dressmaker
  5. I was politely invited NOT to take sewing at school - so I did cooking instead - now I don't cook, but I do sew!
  6. 18 months ago I offered a bed for the night to a total stranger, known only through a Yahoo group, and she is now my bested patchwork buddy and we have manage to meet twice last year and twice this year at patchwork shows even though this involves trains and planes. (Love you Jackie)
  7. My family all have assorted quilts that I have made them (mum, mother-in-law, daughters, cats, niece and nephew all have at least two quilts or blankets) , but we don't have one on our bed!
  8. I taught myself to patchwork, and although I have since attended classes, I still do things that are probably crimes to the quilt police
  9. My sewing room is tiny: 2.5m x 2.25m (with 1 square m taken up by a built in cupboard) but as British houses are generally small, I am lucky to have this space, and not to have to put things away every day
  10. I started patchworking 19 years ago when I was sent a quilt for oldest daughter - and I thought "I can do that" ... actually I couldn't then, but I can now!

(my first quilt, now used as my camp blanket!)


  1. Great to know more about you! I can see why you were given the beautiful blogger award. That is so kind of you to offer your home to a stranger. I'm glad it turned out so well for you.

    You truly are a wonderful person. :)

  2. What a great award and you do have a nice blog too!

  3. Dear Benta, you deserve this award! What a wonderful post you made about it! You make always beautiful things like your first quilt!
    Love Teje

  4. Well done, Benta - and thanks for sharing your 10 things!

  5. Hi Benta! Thanks for your kind comment-- I'd love to see the pocket garlands you made. I'm your newest follower. xoxo malia

  6. Well done, as always! xxx

  7. Well done on the award,you deserve it, love you too!


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