Friday 5 November 2010

I've finished that frog!

I read that Mark Twain had one of his characters say that you should eat a frog for breakfast - that means that the worst thing is over and the day can only get better.

I have finally decided to follow MT's advice and get the frog (AKA pawprinted car seat cover) FINISHED!!!

I realise that this frog is the reason I haven't started anything exciting recently - I knew I had to finish the 'frog', but really didn't want to, but meanwhile knew that I shouldn't start anything else

It wasn't just me that came to detest the frog either: after the upset with the big embroidery machine a few weeks ago, I've been using that for my stuff, and the baby machine for customers ... look what it did to a pawprint.

In fact, it did this to several pawprints, and always in the same place - so Mr 'Bodger' is going to take it apart and have a look at it, but in the mean time I went back to the big machine, and with fingers and toes crossed, actually finished the last pawprint.

So now I ought to get on with sorting the mess that is the sewing desk...

The black and white swap has started on the BQL postcard swap, so these six are ready to go in the post, which is a good thing ... but the windows theme has also started, and they are still in my head so I need to get a shift on with them, and one 'home' postcard for Beth's swap


  1. Hi Benta, thanks for the comment on my blog -and for this post here about frogs! I've got a couple of these that are bogging me down mentally, so I'll take your message via Mark Twain and just get on with them.

    I've never heard of Zentangles before, so thanks for that intro- another way to use up swathes of time!

  2. Hi Avril - good luck with the frogs! Sorry about the zantagles - i love the look of them, but haven't put pen to paper as (as you say) it will be another craft to get lost in - hopefully if I don't let myself start, I can avoid the addiction!

    see you soon


  3. Hello! You have made wonderful cards - the cats are so sweet! Nice to see your working place! I enjoy always visiting you!
    Sunny wishes From Crete!


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