Wednesday 10 November 2010

Just checking in

Just checking in to say that I have been sewing today - I've done round 5 on the Stay At Home Robins, and I've done some stitching on the denim weave blanket. I HAVE taken photos - but the card reader has died, so no photos to post!

Sorry, I'll get them loaded as soon as poss

Edited 11 Nov

NOW I have photos ...

These are the three Stay At Home Robins I am doing with Kate at Stay At Home Robin, I had so many orphan blocks with plenty of extra fabric that I couldn't choose, so went for three!

Click on the link to see the lovely blocks that others have come up with

This, black and white, (with red for a robin) was the first one I started, and I have added some stripes, and some folded flying geese: I enjoyed making these more than I expected (but I did get muddled up with remembering to iron away from the folds, not into them!)

For the baby blue one I added some stripes again, and some slashed stripes

For the pink one I added some stripes (*) and had a go at some of the liberated stars I've been seeing in blogland. I obviously have a problem with spacial awareness as the number of time I had to re-do the 4 pointy blocks is nobody's business! however I like the result, so i might be trying these again.

Next month I am going to force myself to do some half square triangles - either I'll get over my dislike of them, or I'll enforce it, either way, I'll know!


  1. I like your SAHR's, I followed you over from there. Really like the black, red and white one!

  2. They are each fabulous! I love how each one has it's own personality!


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